Cutting & Shape

Die cut

Die cut stickers is cut through the vinyl layer and backing paper. They are cut to contour and have no excess material around the sticker.

Kiss cut

Kiss cut stickers is cut the vinyl layer but do not cut through the backing paper. So, the kiss cut stickers have an extra border around the sticker compared to the die Cut stickers which provides extra protection (but cost more because the spend more material)

On sheet

A lot pieces of sticker put on a sticker A4 sheet, you need peel it off one by one when you use it.the sheet sticker normally fit for small size sticker, it will be 50 or 100 pieces sticker on a sheet.

Circle sticker

Custom printed circle stickers are a great way to spread the word about your business and brand,They’re perfect for retail stores, local sports teams, non-profit organizations, or even your new band.

Square sticker

Create your own square stickers to share with friends or customers. Spread the word about your store or business by giving your square stickers as gifts to the people in your area. They’re fun and creative and can be safely applied to your car, window, wall or other smooth clean surface.

Rectangle sticker

We make rectangular stickers in different size to provide best view of your company logo,business lines and fun emotions.

Oval sticker

Most of company logo is oval, we can make a nice oval cutting for you according to your size.

Round corner sticker

The round corner shows your sticker more smooth and elegant. Our custom rounded corner stickers are perfect for any situation

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