Sticker printing

Screen printing

The screen printing process involves creating a screen and utilizes it as a stencil for applying layers of ink on the printing surface. In this procedure, you require various screens for distinct colors that are used in the design and merged to get the final look.

Screen printing is the ultimate option for designs that need a top level of vibrancy especially when printing on dark background or product. Normally, silk print can only make 80*40 cm sticker, but we have bigger machine in china and we can use silk printing to make big size car body sticker. So, the screen printing is more vividly and the color is deeper, but it is slower and the cost is higher, because it takes a lot of manual labor work.

So, it has following characters:

1.Highly cost-efficient process for bulk orders.
2.Top-quality output, very nice color, but not can make progressive color.
3.Long-lasting prints not easy fade.

Digital printing

The primary benefit of digital printing is that multiple color palettes allow people to recreate anything virtually.

We use Germany Heidelberg printing to make the vinyl sticker. It is fast and can print any color or any pictures, the photo is more detailed and high quality. When the quantity is bigger, the price cost is much cheaper than the silk print. But the Germany Heidelberg is normally can only print 100*60 cm maximum sticker.

So, it has following characters:

1.cheaper cost-efficient process for bulk orders.
2.good-quality output, it can print any photo.
3.Long-lasting prints.

Inkjet printing

Inkjet printing is like printing out a paper from a printer, it is simple but faster than screen print. Inkjet print can make big size sticker, the width will be 3 meters and length is more than 10 meters. But the screen print details are not as good as Heidelberg machine.

1.cheaper cost-efficient process for bulk orders.
2.normal-quality output, it can print any photo. can make big size.

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